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Saint Louis Visitation Monastery Mission Statement

We, the Sisters of the Saint Louis Visitation, have come from seven different houses to live in a community whose primary focus for nearly 181 years has been prayer and the education of women in the Salesian tradition.  Historically, we have responded to circumstances.
Today, we seek to mold our own future by incorporating our education and experiences into the contemporary culture so as to deepen our relationship with God and to contribute to the good of our neighbor.
We need courage to risk ongoing renewal as a faith community growing in trust in God, love of one another, and appreciation of our differences.  As a prayerful community bonded by love and forgiveness, we search for new life in our charism by living Jesus' compassion.

Association of Christian Faithful  (ACF)
In 2003, recognizing that religious vocations were declining and the laity's increasing call to ministry, the Sisters developed the Saint Louis Visitation Association of Christian Faithful  (ACF)  to share their mission and help carry forward the Salesian charism.
The Association of Christian Faithful is an association composed of the Sisters, members of our Visitation family, and priests from the Saint Louis Archdiocese whose essential purpose and role at Visitation is to work side-by-side with the Sisters to continue their 181 year tradition of instilling the Visitation charism at the Academy.

Come to Mass, meet ACF members and visit with the Sisters.

Check this website often for current information.  More anniversary events are planned to honor the Sisters' work, determination and faith dedicated to forming the ACF over the past 10 years.

Live … Jesus Day - a half day of Salesian reflection and prayer
Visitation Landmarks Tour - join the Sisters and ACF members in a guided tour of former sites of Visitation Academy

Mission of the Saint Louis Visitation Association of the Christian Faithful (ACF)

Our mission is to serve side-by-side with the Visitation Sisters to preserve and promote their Catholic Salesian mission of Living Jesus into the future.  We make a deep commitment to a life of love and prayer in the spirit of St. Francis de Sales and St. Jane de Chantal by serving God and our neighbor in humility, gentleness and liberty of spirit as Mary did at the Visitation.  We dedicate ourselves to ongoing and in-depth Salesian study so that we may understand the charism and embody the teachings of St. Jane and St. Francis to the best of our ability.  The ACF is dedicated to the life-long study of Salesian spirituality in order to be prepared to assume the Sisters' responsibilities in the school and the wider community.

to the


O Sacred Heart of Jesus, I Place My Trust in You!


Lord Jesus, to your Sacred Heart I entrust (mention intention)

Look upon me, then do as your Heart thinks best. 
I trust You.  I count on your mercy.

Lord Jesus, You will not fail me. 
I believe in your love for me. 
May your kingdom come!

Lord Jesus, I have asked for many favors, but I earnestly beg for this one. 
Take it, place it in your Sacred Heart. 
Then it will be no longer my prayer but yours, O Jesus.


When Our Lord appeared to Saint Margaret Mary, He showed her His Sacred Heart on fire with love for all mankind, surmounted by a cross and circled by a crown of thorns.  He said to her, "Behold the Heart that has so loved men."  He then complained that of all the souls for whom He had been born, suffered, and died, there were so very few who ever thought of Him, loved Him, or thanked Him.

The act of making up to Our Lord by our love for all the wrongs committed against Him by those who do not think of Him, love Him, or thank Him, is called REPARATION.  A wonderful way to show our love for Our Lord is to offer at least one act of REPARATION every day.  When we want to pray for someone, or to make a novena for some special intention, what more beautiful novena prayer can we offer than an act of REPARATION to the Sacred Heart of Jesus for someone who is in sin or forgets Him?

How can we offer REPARATION?  Any one of the following acts will draw us very close to the Sacred Heart, for it will be giving Him love for love.

  • Go to Mass for someone who is unable to attend Mass.

  • Receive Holy Communion for someone who may not receive Our Lord in Holy Communion.

  • Visit the Blessed Sacrament in place of someone for whom Our Lord waits patiently.

  • Say the rosary and ask the help of our Blessed Mother for someone who does not say it.

  • Give a little time to help with work at home or assist someone who is tired, discouraged or overburdened.

  • Do something for those in need.

  • Say something kind and encouraging to someone we seldom speak to, doing this for someone who speaks in anger and impatience.

  • Make aspirations of love to Our Lord and our Blessed Mother, for those who do not pray.

  • Make acts of hope and faith for those who are tempted and in great trial.

  • Do an unpleasant task cheerfully, for someone who cannot bear his or her cross.

    The Archconfraternity of Reparation
    was established in the Monastery of the Visitation,
    Saint Louis, Missouri with the approval of
    His Holiness Pope Leo XIII by rescript of August 4, 1899.


On May 3, 1833, the Academy of the Visitation and Monastery was founded in Kaskaskia, IL.  In 2012 we celebrate our 179th anniversary.  This special day in our history is traditionally observed with Upper and Lower School Masses, Prayer Services or Assemblies.  Afterwards the Sisters pass out "gummy worms" to the students to commemorate one of the more colorful challenges the eight founding Sisters encountered in their journey to reach Kaskaskia.

On the final leg of their trip from Georgetown, the Sisters crossed the Mississippi River from Missouri into Illinois.  First person accounts tell of the Sisters "sitting in a ferryboat that took them across the river.  They sat dangerously close to the brown water.  Green caterpillars covered its surface around the boat."  The Sisters were familiar with the Potomac because of its nearness to their Georgetown Monastery.  But the mighty Mississippi was twice as wide and much more dangerous to cross.  "Gummy worm" candies illustrate our early history to students in an entertaining and colorful way.

Sister Mary Grace '60, along with the other Sisters, helps with this fun activity.  She wears the traditional Visitation habit throughout Foundation Day.  Students not familiar with the full habit enjoy listening to Sister.  Here, she visits with a Kindergarten class on Foundation Day.

SA 85Sister Aloysia's 85th Birthday Celebration

Over the April 30th weekend, relatives of Sister Aloysia travelled from Maryland, Michigan and Pennsylvania to Saint Louis to help celebrate her 85th birthday.  Sister had a marvelous time visiting with everyone since it had been several years since her last visit with them. Highlights of the weekend included a visit to the Arch and a wonderful birthday party planned by Sister Veronica and the Community.  Sister Aloysia commented, "It was a glorious weekend.  We had so many laughs while playing board games."

Sister Aloysia is from Washington, DC.  She attended the Academy of the Visitation in Frederick, MD from 5th grade until her graduation in 1942.  Sister entered the Frederick Monastery December 8, 1943 and was professed in 1945.  She transferred to the Saint Louis Monastery in 1968.  Sister Aloysia taught elementary level science for many years while also serving as Monastery Infirmarian.  While in this position, she attended and was graduated from Missouri Baptist Hospital School of Nursing as a Registered Nurse.  Sister served as Infirmarian for 34 years.  She currently helps in the Upper School Library and enjoys reading.

L-R: June, niece; Mickey, sister; Marsha, niece; Mabel, sister; Helen, sister-law-law; Sr. Aloysia and Lucy, sister.  Not pictured: Diane, niece and Ryan, grand-nephew

Visitation sisters from 6 different
U.S. monasteries travel to Annecy, France

In honor of the foundation of the Visitation a pilgrimage to Annecy and other places of interest occurred in July of 2009.

This cross marks the place where Castle de Sales stood.  Here Francis de Sales had his vision of a long line of women who would serve God.

These sisters are from the Visitation Monasteries in Saint Louis, MO; Minneapolis, MN; Mendota Heights, MN; Washington, DC; Brooklyn, NY and Tyringham, MA

Our own Sister Mary Grace is pictured third from left in the back row.


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